Plants for vibrant surroundings

Plants will add a great deal to your outdoor living area. These can be chosen for structure or colour or a combination of both.

Decorative arrangements can be a feast for your eyes as well.

Potted plants do require extra care to maintain their health, beauty and character. The soil in the pots easily dries out, especially in warmer weather, so you need to be vigilant with a watering regime.

Potted herbs are also a fragrant and attractive addition to an outdoor patio area. And not only do they look wholesome and colourful, there are many edible herbs which can be used in salads and for making refreshing herbal teas. After researching which of the herbs are safe to ingest, it is a good idea to grow at least two pots – one for picking and eating and the other for an attractive display.

Plants in your outdoor area can transform it for a formal function. A country wedding feast at home is a great idea to save costs for a couple. Wedding flowers, professionally arranged, can turn your outdoor area into a wonderland. Add some mood lighting and your entertaining area will come alive.

In the Southern Highlands of NSW, with permission it may also be possible to have a wedding ceremony in the bandstand at Corbett Gardens, followed by a catered feast at home on your beautifully decorated patio.

Your outdoor living area offers countless possibilities for entertaining and enjoying the company of your family and friends. Surround yourself with the beauty of plants for health, relaxation and enjoyment.