Outdoor living basics

If you are of a (slightly) older generation, outdoor living usually meant a few deck chairs strewn randomly around the backyard with the BBQ in the middle and maybe a shabby umbrella or inflatable pool. Nowadays, with the continual improvement in outdoor furniture fabrics and sliding and folding door hardware, indoor/outdoor living has progressed in leaps and bounds and is one of the biggest must-haves for many Australians these days.

If you are considering enclosing a patio or simply adding an outdoor living space, it pays to approach it in the same way as you would any normal indoor room. Take the time to think and do your research regarding walls, floor surfaces, colour and indeed the way you furnish the space. Perhaps add some potted bamboo, or a feature pendant light to give life to your room. There is so much stylish outdoor furniture to choose from now that is not only robust and weather proof, but also suitable for all tastes. You do not need to be stuck with directors chairs anymore!

A key consideration is the way you enter the space. To give a real indoor/outdoor experience try to create a seamless transition between the two spaces. A good way to achieve this is by using large exterior folding systems or sliding doors that can be virtually hidden away when opened. There are a number of suppliers of such doors, among the best is Brio, who a have been around since the 1970’s  and can make your adventurous architectural ideas come to fruition with their extensive range of folding and sliding door hardware. Brio are recognised the world over as leaders in the design and manufacture of high quality hardware. Their research and design department are continually devising, testing and prototyping new concepts to keep them firmly ahead of the competition. Give them a look if you want the best quality.

If bugs or mosquitos are an issue where you live, you may want to consider adding insect screens around the space. Overhead fans are another good way to deter bugs as most don’t like moving air a great deal. Also make sure you have no standing bodies of water anywhere around the building, even a watering can with a few milliliters of water can be a breeding ground for mozzies.