Furnishing your patio

Furnishing your patio is one of the most enjoyable aspects of your new outdoor room.

There will often be dappled light so a blend of grey-greens will suit wonderfully. Cushions and soft furnishings can be used provided they are protected from the elements, which in most cases they will be as long as your patio is covered.

Knee-rugs and perhaps a day-bed or even a hammock would be a great addition for relaxation and general use. Floor cushions add extra comfort and colour and seating for a crowd.

Sofas and arm chairs may be useful for an outdoor room that is used frequently. Leather works well for casual and easy entertaining and will last well for many years to come and cope with the wear and tear of heavy traffic. This furniture will lend itself to a central coffee table.

However the furniture that will be more likely to give a more informal look is brightly coloured metal furniture. This furniture adds a fun dynamic, as well as brightness and charm to your patio area. Much of the metal furniture for purchase comes already coloured from France and the choice of colours is many and varied. The look is modern with a bistro style.

If you have BBQ facilities, either built-in or nearby, you may find that a dining table and chairs will suit best, especially if you plan to eat outdoors frequently. Again these can be comprised of typical outdoor furniture, or a blend.

If there is a pool beside your patio you may prefer to keep the area as a carefree outdoor entertaining area with easy accessibility to the pool area. Furniture and furnishings may be waterproof if you will have wet children and visitors using your special space. Also you may need to have more open space to suit the option of lounging on wet towels in this covered area.

Experiment to find the setting and the added extras that will suit your lifestyle and the use to which you will put your patio room. Your choice will depend on whether your structure is predominantly glass or if you have a steel frame. Flooring will also help you to decide on style – for instance timber decking will give a more mellow look while tiles have a cooler feel.

Make the most of every moment you spend in this special place with your family and friends. Focus on the things that matter and forget everything else. Your special room will take you a world away from your cares and problems.