Adding a Pizza Oven to your patio or renovation

Summertime in Australia traditionally meant people loved getting outside in the backyard or patio and tucking into a selection of overcooked grilled meats from the barbecue, smothered in tomato sauce and wrapped in fluffy white bread maybe with a side of charcoal onions. While the former is most certainly still true, out tastes have matured and evolved over the years as culinary influences from other cultures became widely accepted. Nothing reflects this more than the trend to install a woodfired pizza oven in the backyard to make your own authentic Italian pizza.

There are many ways to integrate a pizza oven into your outdoor area. If for example, your house has bifold doors opening out to a large wooden deck or patio, the pizza oven can be installed to sit next to an existing barbecue. Provided the oven is constructed from rugged materials such as brick, concrete and stainless steel, the oven can be freestanding and need not be covered by a roof at all. With its tall chimney and curved door the oven can become the new focal point of the entertaining area.

If you have a large backyard and the budget, consider building a standalone pavilion as a dedicated dining space to house the oven, barbecue and outdoor dining table. This creates a fantastic feature and talking point of any garden. If you live in an area with varying temperatures and would like to use the space year round, installing exterior folding doors or sliding doors with robust bottom rolling door hardware can be a great solution for harsh Australian conditions. The doors can be opened right up when it is hot to allow airflow through the pavilion and closed to keep it cosy when the weather is less conducive to outdoor entertaining.

No matter where you live in Australia, blowflies love outdoor dining too, so adding a pleated insect screen to the build is a definite bonus. There are a range of screen solutions available to suit every style and budget. The screens can be combined with most folding door hardware and the majority of modern sliding doors. The screens move on separate sliding door tracks and are made from a tough, tear resistant material that suits the outdoors.

So go on, dive in and build your pizza oven and enjoy the mouth-watering delight that is a woodfired pizza at home!